Country boys to clean English

Country boys to clean English

Country boys to clean English Welad Al-Balad Company is in English. For those looking for cleaning and sterilization companies, wiring sewers, controlling insects, insulating tank surfaces, in addition to installing sound insulation, follow us .

Where you find with us the best prices for the service of the new house and the mattress, and to facilitate contracting with citizens by providing means of communication with the number of Ibn Al-Balad Company .

The workers of the Emirati company, Al-Balad, won the admiration of the people, and then the addition of the English language to the large number of close relatives in the Arab Emirates, so the results of Google searches appear for the most searched words to connect to the cleaning companies .

With us, you will find several services for deep and dry cleaning, including washing boards, cleaning water tanks, with the service of detecting water leaks on surfaces and bathrooms .

Where Al-Balad Company is famous for the service of checking electrical cables, and added extension and maintenance works for electricity, plumbing, or sanitary works, 24-hour service .

The services of the Emirati company Al-Balad in home service :- 

  • Wiring the sewers, cleaning the wells, and suctioning the sewage .
  • Pest control and insecticide spraying in the UAE .
  • Insulation of new and used roofs and water tanks .
  • Cleaning carpets, sofas, carpets, and providing a private laundry .
  • Installation of sound insulation for doors, walls and floors .
  • Modern decor design for homes and offices in the UAE .
  • General maintenance services for buildings and plumbing in bathrooms and kitchens .
  • Detection services for water leaks in roofs and floors .
  • The cleanliness of the ground and upper water tanks, with sterilization of the viruses .
  • Cleaning windows and facades of villas, hotels, studio apartments at the lowest prices .

Where the company enjoys providing offices to receive citizens to contract and coordinate the establishment of buses for birthdays and weddings, the installation of decorations in weddings, and the opening of shops .

Country boys to clean English
Country boys to clean English

Welad Al-Balad company numbers in the Emirates

The ideal country company for home service relies on providing contact numbers via smart phone and e-mail messages on Google or social media .

As Al-Balad Company has offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, Fujairah. For easy contracting, ask for the number shown on the phone screen and set your appointment .

The Emirati company Al-Balad competes to reach the best search results in light of the competition on communication sites, so it offers huge discounts that reach 50% in some services .

Al-Balad home service prices in the UAE

The company’s ideal prices are available to the family and close ones, so the cleaning prices are estimated according to the area and the services they include. Call now and find out the company’s prices in cleaning or sterilizing homes and maintenance service .

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